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Printer Parts

Printer Parts

Rep Rap and 3D plastic printers have been a enjoyment of mine since I learned of them online. The ability to CAD out a plan on the computer and then print it on your own printer is a true joy. There's nothing like the ability to design your on items and then see them come to life right before your eye's.

Some printed parts for the rep rap prusa printer takes a good deal of wear and torture. While dealing with the heat from the hotend as well as the pressure, some plastic parts will warp and wear from continued use. This made me take notes and decide to make some of my own parts from aluminum. In doing so, I've add these to my store for others to enjoy. Hope you find great use for them as I have.

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MicroLux Drill Press Depth Gauge Bracket Kit
MicroLux Micro-Mark Drill Press Depth Indicator BRACKET ONLY KIT (PLA Plastic) NO DIAL INDICA..
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These pictures just don't do these solid hand poured "Aluminum Wades Extruders" justice. I'm..
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