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Nut Crackers

Nut Crackers

Wow! Have we got a pecan cracker for you!

rykeCracker! These crackers are made to last. Solid poured aluminum and birch wood for a long lasting hard to beat pecan sheller. Put a twist into pecan shelling. The neatest cracker for your pecan bowl. Get your's on the way, you'll have in just a few days.

rykeQuickCracker! You need a cracker MACHINE! Not just another cracker! We've got you covered. These shelling machines will make quick crack of your Pecans and English Walnuts. Soft shell nuts. Solid hand poured aluminum. Made to last. Quick and easy cracking.


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Great for gift giving. Will be handy and useful, year after year.   Sorry No P..
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A Cracking Machine!     Not just another nut cracker! Will Also Shell Dried Pe..