MicroLux Drill Press Depth Gauge Bracket Kit

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MicroLux Micro-Mark Drill Press Depth Indicator BRACKET ONLY KIT (PLA Plastic)


This is a 3D Printed bracket kit for upgrading your Micro-Mark 3-speed drill press. Drill Press Item #: 81631 and same, model number. May have changed a few times in past, check the Micro-Mark web site for view of drill press. Not made for the digital model. Only the 3 speed drill press. The drill is sold with a depth incator that is hard to read. Depth indicator has very small, fine markings, all in metric millimeters. I wanted an indicator that could be read without error and at a glance, extra easy, and with inches. This setup hits the "bulls-eye" head on. Very easy to read and setup nearly by itself. 

When changing your bit; raise or lower the power head, draw-down the bit to the work surface, zero the depth gauge and your ready to drill. That simple. No loosening thumb screw and using a magnifier to read and adjust a depth setting thats not that accurate too start with.
This setup has a little vibration that throws the indicator a small amount. As much as 3 thousands of an inch on some materials. So, you can get with-in 2 thousands of an inch accurate with this setup. 
Makes your drill press more enjoyable to use, as well as increase its value as well!
Before upgrading (installing) to this "depth gauge bracket kit", and the low price (yet very nice) Harbor Freight dial indicator (SKU# 623), this drill press was hard to use. Now i use it every chance i get. Really makes it nice.
The Harbor Freight dial incator (SKU# 623) has a 1" inch travel and the drill press has 1-1/4" inch travel. So you will not get the full travel but you want need it any ways. Go to the end of drill press travel and you know you've went 1-1/4th inch. You can set the indicator to get a bit more than 1" inch travel also, more like 1-1/8" inch travel.
The bracket is for the analog harbor freght dial indicator with about 3/8" main shank. YOU WILL HAVE TO CUT OFF THE BACK INDICATOR MOUNT BRACKET. This is easy done with a hack saw. The indicator is made from soft "pot metal" and is not hard to cut. Just hold it in a vise between some wood pieces not to harm the indicator and it cuts off easy.
Remove the old indicator from your drill press with a simple philps head screw driver. The old indicator rod and screw are used for mounting the depth-Zero-bracket, (see pictures) which you must push (may have to tap it in with a small hammer, for a tight no slip fit) down on it.
The indicator bracket can mount to the plastic belt cover or below it. Drill 3 holes for the bracket either on the plastic belt cover (recomended) or in the aluminum housing right below the plastic belt cover. Both mount locations are eye level with the gap between where the plastic belt cover and aluminum housing meet. Either level with gap at bottom if mounted on plastic belt cover or level with top if mounted in the aluminum housing. I found mine works best mounted on the drill press plastic belt cover, and works great. Does not bother me when removing cover to change belt pulley speeds. Check your settings and drill press before drilling holes to see what best works for you. Make sure before drilling.
Comes with mount bracket, zero-wheel adjuster, zero-wheel bracket, 3 screws and nuts. All you will need is, pliers, philps screw driver, hacksaw and drill. as well as a Harbor Freight analog dial indicator. (SKU# 623)
Please note: The indicator will measure in reverse of what you zero-out. For instance, if you zero your drill press and start drilling, the indicator will be loaded with the spring and start releasing the travel (indicator is pushed in for the full travel at start of drilling). Not hard to read, just remember it measures the release of the indicator and not the push in of the travel.
Really nice and i believe you will feel the same. Thanks for reading, Rick.

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