Product Code: Un-Finished Wades Extruder
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These pictures just don't do these solid hand poured "Aluminum Wades Extruders" justice. I'm no photo expert, and the shiny aluminum is really hard for me to photo, with or without flash. These pictures really magnify all blemishes, yet in real life these extruder bodys are real nice. Some have small feed rings inside bearing cavitys where the cores sat which will not harm strength of use or looks with new bearings installed. You may even powder coat them any color you like, need be, i like it just fine, shine-y aluminum.

Any way, this is a solid hand poured, poured to same size as the plastic printed wades extruder, without bearings, hobb bolt, front gear, pressure cap and bearing, and cap hardware. 

These are unfinished and will need your kind attention to make use on your own application.

Great deal! Grab your Drimel, a drill bit or two, a small file, maybe a thread tap, and your ready for a delightful, enjoyable, touch-up and finishing of a solid aluminum "Wades Extruder" main body! When finished you will have a major hard working part for your 3D plastic printer. Being aluminum, you'll have a part for decades of use, without worrys of plastic cracks or break-offs or all that heat right below it. No thoughts of a major melt-down or problems at all with the heat from the hot-end. Will even aid in bleeding off some of that un-wanted heat away from your print.

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Right NOW'S the time to grab yours!! Buy Now! Don't know how many will be made, Drop in Cart!

These have been hand poured with sand casting for great service on your reprap, mendel, prusa, 3D printers. What is sand casted? This means some minor imperfections, yet no problems for use or in most cases looks of the part. Some may have sand grain marks, which is where the file comes in, and some will have inside areas around the bearing cavities and seats where a drimel will flush right down the metal for a proper fit and smooth run.

These have been finished only to the point for inpection to be sure they are of fit condition for total finishing by drilling and tapping for a great part on your printer. The bearing seats will need routing out burs and over pour which most have and holes drilled, some tapped if wanted, and mounted on your printer. The motor mount is near identical to the plastic mount made for the standard NEMA-17 stepper motors. Aluminum sands, drills, files, better than and near as easy as wood. With the main body ready for your case at hand and own hot end, you will have complete control of how parts mount and run on your 3D printer.

Will make adding extras and your own ideas of hot-ends, cooling fans, ect, ect... with out any problems at all, or stay the course and go with the standard, thats you to decide.

Part or one identical to pictured in the main ebay ad is what your buying. Other pictures are to show that your Wades Extruder parts will all work on this main body. You are buying the main body! No bearings, side bearing cap, springs, or gears. All standard printed parts will work on this main body. Just punch mark, and drill your holes, mount your bearings and cap, and your ready to rock and roll with your new solid aluminum extruder. Drill for 3mm or 1.75mm plastic, your choose.

You may buff out mirror shine, or paint any color, or even powder coat if like, or just leave as is. You'll have a great part to be proud of and a extruder to last a life time of printers to come.

Will include some notes on finishing, yet your ideas are what count. These come with 3 day return, only to give chance to see and inspect for yourself. After a file or drill touches them "there will be no return". Please know these are workable pieces of aluminum which can be worked any way you like, and mistakes can be remedyed easily by larger holes, bigger screws ect...

"Grab yours NOW! Just "Drop in Cart", for quick shipping and have yours in few days!!

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