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Rep Rap 3D Printer Prusa Mendel X-Carriage for Wades Extruder, J-Head

Solid hand poured aluminum X-Carriage for Prusa-Mendel and all 3D printers with 50mm between centers X axis rods. Plus or minuse up to 3 or 4 mm's, cause these have a floating bearing for easy fit. These have poured on bearings on one rod and a floating bearing on the other rod, make fitting easy and alignment a no brainer. I have drilled the extruder mount holes (not shown in pictures for a wades extruder). You can drill and fit for your purpose, such as, fan mounts, belt clips, end stop contacts, ect. These being aluminum, there is no worries of heat problems which cause warping or just total melt downs. And you can tap holes and do away with those tiny little nuts and washers we all love to cope with. These are for 5/16 inch rods. May make some in 8mm if these sell. You may ream these for 8mm. 8mm is a few thousands larger than 5/16 inch. I did find that my rods being  5/16th inch dill rod, that drill rod is most accurate in size, yet is extra soft and will nick and wear quicker than standard 5/16 inch steel rod. Drill rod needs heat treated for good wear. I changed mine and like the rods i bought from Lowes. These are finished for fit, not looks, you may do all that you like if you keep yours. Will powder coat real nice or maybe just pray painted if you like. Lot of work went into these, hope ya'll find them as nice as i do.

As usual these come with 14 day money back (please, no drilling or filing) for you to check out for your use. No refund on shipping.

Happy 3D printing, Rick.

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