Wax Injector Pump

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These are precision handmade wax pump injectors. Aluminum, brass, stainless steel construction. Valve body consist of two (2) small stainless steel ball valves for easy pumping of warm melted wax. Made to drop into shallow container of melted low temp wax for injecting into small jewelry and figurine silicone and other type molds. 
NOTE:  Only Pump Included In Sale. No Pot Included. Just shown for example usage only!!!
For under 17 bucks (shipping included) you can order on ebay a nice wax warmer pot that works great with this wax pump. See picture above. NO POT INCLUDED IN SALE. Only pump for sale.
Size Dimensions :   7-1/4 inch tall, From bottom of base to top of push/pull knob.
                                    5-3/4 inch tall. From bottom of base to top of injector tip. May vary tiny bit.
                                    3 inches wide.  From side to side of base.
                                    1 inch wide.  Pump is 1 inch OD aluminum tube.
Made for jewelry makers and all lost wax metal casting. 
Get yours while they last. It took way to long in time and effort to make these. Don't know if i'll be able to make more. Very hard to make the pump valve body. Very small and precision craftsmanship needed to make.
Mine works great, hope you enjoy yours.    
Thanks for looking, don't forget to bookmark for later,
Shipping will be same day if ordered early, next day if not.

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