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Great for gift giving. Will be handy and useful, year after year.


Sorry No Pecans Included!

  • Unlike any cracker you have used! Simply the best hand cracker! 
  • Cracks the shell, not harming meat! Used properly will leave whole piece! 
  • Drop nut in, give a twist and thats it. Simple as that. Quick and easy! 
  • Simply the best you can buy. No plastic or  inferior materials used here! 
  • Hand poured aluminum ends for a life time of use and then some! 
  • Comes with a fitted burlap pouch to stow  it away in. 
  • Not for use on Black Walnuts or Hickory Nuts.

Start Cracking, Drop in cart! You'll be amazed at how easy it works!

This is a neat pecan cracker. If you've never used one, and you love pecans,
then here's your chance. No pecan cracker made will beat this kind of cracker. It
cracks from the sides of the nut, not damaging the nutmeat, to leave whole piece.
Pecan cracking at its best, for years of use and enjoyment.
Great for making candies and cookies, where halves are needed.

Just drop pecan, (will not crack black walnuts or hickory
nuts) into the top or through the side
to allow to drop down to narrow small
end. Now the fun part.........just twist the two ends to crack your pecans How
easy is that....do a bag full in few minutes. It makes picking them out easy. No
hammer or pliers (old style crackers) can beat that. You'll look forward each year
using your pecan sheller.

The ends are hand poured aluminum. Will last forever. Will show some signs of
mold grain for added texture. No two are identical, yet finished for best
appearance. Look nice!

Now comes with a fitted burlap pouch to stow it away in. Hand made for
tidying the cracker. Also Maw's Great Oatmeal Pecan Pie Recipe!!  Just
crack the pecans and enjoy my favorite pecan pies in no time!

Includes instructions, though not much needed. Very easy and quick to learn.

Makes nice gift for those with everything and guys will love them as well.
Its one of those.......why didn't I think of that items that will amaze all whom
see it

Size is 3 inches wide by 9 inches long, pouch too fit, with rubber retainers
for holding birch wood crackers.

Grab Yours Now!    You'll have in a few days!

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