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OH! Wow! Have we got a "Nut Cracker" for you!

                                                                    Will Also Shell Peanuts!

Proudly Made In The USA!    GET YOURS NOW! 

Its very simple. Just pour your pecans, English walnuts (will not crack the hard shelled black-walnuts or hickory-nuts) into the included basket and start cracking. It does not take that much force on the handle and its a back and forth motion, not a crank all the way around. That's it, that simple. The cracked nuts fall from the bottom of unit into your bucket. 

                            A Fine Product;   A  "Fantastic Nut Cracker"   GRAB YOUR's NOW!

    Also, purchase a rykeCracker,  and/or rykeBurgerPress an we'll drop in shipping box!  

       No Additional Shipping Charge!! 

Its real easy to adjust for different size nuts. The adjuster on the front of the machine (easy to get to) will adjust from 1/4 inch nuts, way past the larger English walnut sizes. Just loosen the 7/16th inch nut on the adjuster (you will need a wrench to adjust machine, not included) and move it in for smaller nuts (more cracking pressure) or move it out for larger nuts (less cracking pressure). If you find you want more cracking on the nut, move the adjuster in. If you find your getting to much cracking, then move the adjuster out. No hard case, just crack a few and check your cracked nuts.

If you have a lot of real small nuts mixed with large one's, no problem. Just set machine for large ones and most small one's will crack well also. If not, while your picking out the meats, just throw the none cracked one's in a pile and crack them on a new setting. Want take but a moment.

I've hand made each machine, checking each one before they are shipped. They have been assembled and checked top to bottom for proper fit and years of service. It will stand many decades of use. Made to last.

Solid aluminum, and steel. The main cracking base is 1/4 inch solid aluminum and the handles are 1/4 inch painted steel. The steel handles have rubber hand grips for easy non-slip grip. The basket will hold the nuts with out any strain at all. Will hold the weight of more than 2 house bricks (weight) without any problem (though your nuts will weigh only a fraction of that).

The machine may be mounted on a 5 gallon bucket, or mounted on a bench. Also maybe mounted to a board for clamping to a table with ease. Two 3/8th inch holes, 6-1/2 inches apart on hole centers make for an easy mount. With the two handles, the machine is really stable with out much mount at all. With the bucket mount, you steady the machine with one hand and crack the nuts with the other. Want fall over, nor is it hard to keep the machine steady. Heavy made for stable use.

You'll receive the main cracker base with bearing and arbor, cracking plate with bearing, two handles with rubber grips, a basket with bottom board. Everything you need to start cracking nuts. Only two bolts will be needed to mount to your bench or a small piece of plywood, or, less than 2 feet of 2-by-4 wood to make a bucket mount. Comes with intructions for adjusting as well as a template for drilling holes to mount. Also comes with ideas and plans for mounting on a bucket. Extra nice bucket mount plan for easy on off.

These are shipped USPS Priority Mail, flat rate large box. You will need to assemble the unit. Very easy. Just a 7/16th inch wrench, a philips head screw driver and a pair of pliers is all you'll needed to assemble unit. The basket is shipped flat and will need to be bent to shape (pre-bent, yet you'll need to unbend and straighten a bit) and wire together corners with the wire included. Not hard, just will take you a few minutes to do, yet save more than half on shipping. Once together, your ready to crack nuts.

What else can I say, this is the thing to have to get those nuts cracked.
You'll have a machine everyone will want and need if they have nuts to crack.

Thanks for looking, and "Happy Nut Cracking"!!


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